Systematic Theology: Lesson 11: The Doctrine of Glorification (50:50)

MP3January 30, 2013 Glenn Woods: The Doctrine of Glorification

Downloadable Version via Dropbox: The Doctrine of Glorification

Downloadable Handout: The Doctrine of Glorification

This lesson skips to the Doctrine of the Glorification the saints have in Christ which is out of order and should be covered towards the end of the study. Glenn chose to skip to this lesson due to the loss Heritage Baptiste Church experienced of its dear member Glenn Wilkinson.

1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, Chapter 31 – The State of People after Death and the Resurrection of the Dead, Paragraph 1:

After death the bodies of people return to dust and undergo  decomposition, but their souls (which neither die nor sleep for they  are immortal in essence) immediately return to God who gave them. The souls of the righteous are then made perfect in holiness, they are received  into paradise where they are with Christ and look on the face of God in light  and glory, and wait for the full redemption of their bodies. The  souls of the wicked are cast into hell, where they remain in torment and utter  darkness, reserved for judgment on the great day [of judgment]. For souls separated from their bodies, the Scripture acknowledges no other place  than these two.


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