A Personal Update

overwhelmedI recently signed up for an IRBS CEP (Continuing Education Program) in Apologetics.  This week I started the class and found out that James White is handling the lectures.  I’m very excited and a little overwhelmed.  On top of my normal work schedule, I have taken over the entire systematic theology class on Wednesday nights as Glenn Woods had to step out.  We are also approaching the holidays, and now I have added to my work load.  I have 112 days to read 4 books, watch 20 hours of lectures, write a 1500 word book review, and take a final exam.  Please pray for me as I take on this added burden.  Pray that it would be profitable for me and my church.  Pray I will handle my time well, and my sister-in-law would like you to pray I will still have time to hold my new niece.

Thank you!


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