Walk’n Thoughts


Romans 16:17 I appeal to you brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine you have been taught; avoid them.

Calvin comments:

“[Paul] now adds an exhortation, by which all Churches have often need of being stirred up; for the ministers of Satan are ever ready to take occasion to disturb the kingdom of Christ: and they attempt to make disturbances in two ways; for they either sow discord, by which the minds of men are drawn away from the unity of truth, or they occasion offenses, by which men are alienated from the love of the gospel. The former evil is done when the truth of God is mixed with new dogmas devised by men; and the latter takes place, when by various arts it is made odious and contemptible. He therefore bids all, who did either of these two things, to be observed, lest they should deceive and catch the unwary; and also to be shunned, for they were injurious. Nor was it without reason that he required this attention from the faithful; for it often happens through our neglect or want of care, that such wicked men do great harm to the Church, before they are opposed; and they also creep in, with astonishing subtlety, for the purpose of doing mischief, except they be carefully watched.”

But observe, that he speaks of those who had been taught the pure truth of God. It is indeed an impious and sacrilegious attempt to divide those who agree in the truth of Christ: but yet it is a shameful sophistry to defend, under the pretext of peace and unity, a union in lies and impious doctrines…. Paul clearly shows, that he did not condemn all kinds of discords, but those which destroyed consent in the orthodox faith; for the force of the passage is in the words, “which ye have learnt” for it was the duty of the Romans, before they were rightly taught, to depart from the habits of their fathers and the institutions of their ancestors.



One thought on “Walk’n Thoughts

  1. What is perhaps not nearly so dangerous but so much stranger is how resistant, to the point of belligerence, if not outright hostility, those who have been improperly taught are to hearing the truth in contrast to how willing those who have been taught the truth (but perhaps do not fully believe it) are to accepting the lie, any lie, that is not as offensive to their “old man”. I was thinking specifically of the doctrines of Grace but I suppose this is true of almost any lie that the “body of death” is more comfortable with. On 2/24/2014 10:05 AM, Rod Of Ir

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