Walk’n Thoughts

1400817_10202390032782085_1747368932_oI just wanted to share this short quote from Richard Barcellos:

If the earth was created to be a temple in which God’s special presence was enjoyed by God’s sons who are priest-kings in communion with Him, and if the church is God’s already/not-yet interadvental temple, where God’s sons and priest-kings offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ, and if the Lord’s Day has been appointed by the Lord for His interadvental sons and priest-kings to offer up sacrifices as temple servants in anticipation of the eternal state which is described in temple-garden-city language in Rev. 21-22, then I cannot see anything more important on the earth than when the church gathers and functions as the Bible states. It is the closest thing to the eternal state, when the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord, all His sons and priest-kings will be there, and the tabernacle of God, our glorified Lord Jesus Christ, will be among men. The local church in its function as a worshipping community on the Lord’s Day is a microcosm, a faint replica of what matters most in the Bible – the glory of God manifested in the Son of God as redeemer taking image bearers where Adam failed to take them and, in the mean time, worshipping God together. What we will one day enjoy without interruption in the eschatological state is what the whole Bible tends toward and is what the church at worship points to. What we enjoy today with six-day interruptions is a glimmer of what we will one day enjoy without interruption – sons and priest-kings of God in the New Heavens and New Earth serving our Lord, glorifying and enjoying Him forever. Those are some of the reasons I think interadvental temple services are the most important events on the earth.


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