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1400817_10202390032782085_1747368932_oThere seems to be lot of talk about modesty on Christian blogs these days. My wife and I have also been discussing this issue. She found the thoughts below encouraging. In the weeks to come, we’ll examine the topic more closely.

A woman should be spending her time thinking about beauty. But it is not the beauty of the externals where she should be dwelling, but the beauty of the internals. A woman’s adorning should not be external, but internal. Peter calls it “the hidden person of the heart” (1 Peter 3:3-4). In God’s sight, a woman who takes time beautifying her character – seeking ways to be gentle and quiet – is very precious. God esteems it very highly and considers it be beautiful. He appreciates it and he values it above all of the beauty of braids or jewelry or designer jeans or lovely purses or nice shoes.

Her attention should be on beauty. But not the beauty of clothing and hairstyle and makeup, rather the beauty of good works. If she does this, God will find her very lovely, very valuable, and very precious. This will lead to rewards in the life to come as she commits herself to him who judges justly.

Therefore, she will not be like the women of the world – who begin to worry and fret and become bitter as they age because they cannot hold onto their youthful good looks. But she will be like the daughters of Christ – who only grow more and more beautiful with each passing week until at last they stand perfectly lovely in the sight of God, shining brightly with many crowns before all his great congregation!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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