November and December Schuedules

I’m teaching some Sunday School lessons for the month of November which won’t be posted on the blog. In December, I’ll be teaching two Wednesday night lessons continuing in the Trinity. I’ll post those lessons as I present them.

In other news:

A Biblical Theology continuing education class is being held December 8-11, 2014, at Heritage Baptist Church in Mansfield, Texas, sponsored by Texas Area Association of Reformed Baptist Churches. Pastor Steve Garrick of Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church In Georgetown, Texas will be teaching this class.:

NEW TESTAMENT BIBLICAL THEOLOGY – These lectures aim to provide a foundation to New Testament Biblical Theology in its uses and limits. The class will deal with the following issues:
1). What is Biblical Theology? What are the unique characteristics of New Testament Biblical Theology?
2). What are the methodologies of New Testament Biblical Theology?
3). What are some of the major themes of New Testament Biblical Theology?
4). How can ministers incorporate Biblical Theology into their preaching?

Monday 12/08: 1p-5p, dinner 5p-6p, 6p-8p
Tuesday – Thursday 12/09-12/11: 10a-1p, lunch 1p-2p, 2p-5p

$20 registration.
For CE credit- $100 course fee plus $20 registration.

There is no deadline. Registration payment is made upon arrival. Please let us know if you will be attending by responding to by 12/03/14 so that we may have an accurate head count for meals.

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