What a Glorious Day

A meditation on the Sabbath Day.

God has declared his love for me. He has loved me with an everlasting love. Before the foundations of the world he elected me to become a son of his love. In history he demonstrated his love by taking on flesh and dying for me (and rising to live for me forever). Today he dwells in me and is at work comforting and conforming me to the image of the Son. Tomorrow he will still be the same God of love for me. Forever, in the age to come, he will delight in me and allow me to delight in him without interruption. Eternal fellowship with the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit, one Love communicated to me personally, three distinct and co-inhabiting and incomprehensibly glorious ways.

This is is the joy of not only my heart, but all God’s saints’ hearts! And it is our joy together. And it is a joy we share in and with Christ himself.

Christ has finished all the work that was needed to secure this love. He has done everything. There is nothing left to do. He is like an idealistic king who is so rich no one has to work ever again, everything is finished! We all have mansions. He is like the perfect husband. He has done all the work. All that is left for us is to enjoy the salary he made and use it to make his house beautiful. He is like the everlasting father and we are as little children at his table. Everything is provided for us. All the work is done. There is nothing left to finish. Christ has done everything!

The Sabbath Day is a day of rest. In it we stop our labor to consider his labor. It is a glorious day of glory wherein his glory shines like the sun and we glory in his glory.

Filled with this light of the gospel, we inevitably seek to live lives of obedience and discipleship. But this is no longer burdensome to us. It isn’t work. It is pure gratitude and thanksgiving. And although we often fall back into the old way of thinking, as if obedience is work, we always have Christ to remind us that he has already done everything. All that is left is for us to enjoy it.

Its as if his righteousness were a fountain of water. There isn’t anything to do to make it spring up on the hot summer’s day of the World’s heat. There is only one thing to do. To revel in it! To get wet, to drink it in, and to jump in its puddles.

What a day Sundays are for those who have faith. Glorious, undefiled joy – what other way is there to describe it?

May the Lord bless his people today and forever. Shower us with your Word through preaching. Refresh us. Amen.


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