Milestone Sermon, Part 3: An Indictment (01:01:06)


Part 3 of the Milestone sermon walks through Hosea 6,13, and 14, covering Israel’s false repentance and punishment, and a believers true repentance and blessing.  Again we see a comparison between the rampant immorality of their day and their lack of theology mirrored in our own country.

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Milestones Sermon, Part 2: An Indictment (56:48)


Part 2 of the Milestone Lessons walks through Hosea 4 and 5 showing:

1) They have no morality.

2. They have no theology.

Present day applications are given.

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Milestone Sermon, Part 1: An Indictment (52:57)


From the book of Hosea, an indictment from the Lord to the people of Mansfield, Texas, the United States, the world, all of humanity.  This indictment has two parts:
1. We are without morality
2. We have no  knowledge of God

This first sermon reviews God’s attributes.  God isn’t only His moral character but also His ontological reality: both His communicable and incommunicable attributes.

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